Madeline Nelson suddenly finds herself without a job when the textile factory she had worked in since her husband’s death burned to the ground.

Without any prospects for a new job, she decides to become a mail order bride. Can she put her past behind her and find love out west? Or will her second marriage be as much of a disaster as her first?

Caleb Stark has spent the past fifteen years saving the family ranch from ruin and making it profitable once again. He never had the time nor inclination to look for a wife, but now that things were running smoothly and he had the house to himself, he was ready to settle down and start a family.

Would the ghosts of his past prevent him from having the future he has longed for? See it on Amazon.


Hank Sanders is ready to take a homestead and start the next chapter in his life. His best friend and boss, Caleb Stark, is soon to become his business partner as they combine their homesteads to increase the size of their ranch. Now all Hank needs is a bride. He is about to send off for a mail-order bride when a young woman literally stumbles into his life.

Josephine Martin ran away from her abusive step-father in the dead of a Nebraska winter. She was not running to something as much as she was running away from something. What she finds could change her life forever, if she is willing to let go of her past to embrace her future.

Will Hank and Josephine find the happiness that has been laid before them, or will fate conspire to keep them apart? See it on Amazon.


Orphaned at the tender age of sixteen, Adelaide Burke sets out on an adventure to the West with the Children’s Aid Society. Taken in by war widow Miss Gertie, she doesn’t immediately realize that Miss Gertie has ulterior motives and is determined to marry Addy off to her young neighbor, Sam.

Samuel Mitchell is the eldest of seven orphaned brothers and doing his best to homestead, all the while making certain that his brothers are well taken care of. Sam isn’t interested in marriage, especially to a skinny little city-girl like Addy. Miss Gertie’s matchmaking attempts are frustrating to him, especially since he relies on the older woman so much. When Addy is kidnapped, Sam realizes his feelings for her, but has he come to that realization too late? Will he find her and convince her of his true feelings?  See it on Amazon.


After inheriting her uncle’s land and title, Emily moved to England, happy to be starting over. When she found a strange fountain on her property, she made a wish for love.

Edward, recently home from the Napoleonic War, spends time walking every day to help heal a leg injury. When he finds a fountain, he wishes for love. What happens next startles him as he finds himself two hundred years in the future. But will he be able to adjust to his new circumstances? Or will his love be forever forgotten? See it on Amazon.



Anne has always been a dreamer. When she stumbles upon a magic coin near a fountain in the woods one evening, she makes a heartfelt wish to find her true love.

Frustrated with the pressure from his family to marry, Thomas dreams of finding a real love before a marriage to a stranger can be arranged for him. He discovers a fountain and makes a wish for true love. Suddenly he finds himself nearly two hundred years in the future. Will he be able to adjust to his new life and find his true love before it’s too late? See it on Amazon.